Since its very inception, when it comes to the development of Sparter, Cerescon has put the input of asparagus growers centre stage. In early 2015, this resulted in the formation of a UserGroup, consisting of a number of innovative growers in the Netherlands and Germany who have been intensively consulted with respect to its development. They provided Cerescon with product requirements, test facilities, company information on production costs, and gave feedback on developments and technological choices made by Cerescon. All members of the UserGroup signed a Letter of Intent to purchase a Sparter in the future.

After having trialled the beta machines during the 2018 season, it was decided to expand the UserGroup, but also to change its goals. The UserGroup “new style” will consist of a group of innovative Dutch and German growers and contractors who are either already using the Sparter to pick the crop, or will be doing so within the next year or two at the most.

Cerescon will be asking this UserGroup:

  • To provide feedback to Cerescon R&D on user experiences with the aim of making even more improvements to the Sparter.
  • To collect application know-how on machine harvesting and to share this information with fellow UserGroup members to gain a better insight into how asparagus growing can be adapted to improve and simplify selective picking yet further.
  • To support Cerescon in research and trialling, for example, by sharing application know-how or making land available for trials during or after the growing season.

Signing a Letter of Intent is a condition for taking part in the UserGroup.

The UserGroup members are:


logo de wit asperges

De Wit Asperges – Mariaheide

logo maas bv kessel

Maas B.V. Kessel - Kessel

logo martens asperges

Martens Asperges - Tienray

logo aspergekwekerij van cranenbroek

Aspergekwekerij Van Cranenbroek - Budel

logo vermeer asperges

Vermeer Asperges - Leende

logo teboza

Teboza - Helden

logo landbouwbedrijf van geurts-pouwels

Landbouwbedrijf Geurts-Pouwels - Oirlo



logo thiermann

Thiermann Spargelhof – Kirchdorf & Mötzow

logo winkelmann

Spargelhof Winkelmann – Rahden & Beelitz

logo hoffheinz

Spargelhof Hoffheinz – Genthin

logo ahlbrand

Früchtehof Ahlbrand - Warendorf

logo lva

LVA Landmaschinenvertrieb Altenweddingen GmbH - Altenweddingen