Right from the very outset, the input of asparagus growers in the development of Sparter has proved extremely valuable. In early 2015 this resulted in the establishment of a UserGroup, made up of a number of innovative growers in the Netherlands and Germany who were able to provide extensive feedback on its development. For example, they were able to provide Cerescon with data on product requirements, test facilities, company information on picking costs and gave feedback on the developments and technological choices made by Cerescon. All UserGroup members signed a Letter of Intent to buy a Sparter at a later date.

After intensive testing amongst the UserGroup members in the 2017 and 2018 growing seasons, the group increased in number and was divided into a Dutch and a German section made up of innovative cultivators and an agricultural contractor.

    Purpose of UserGroup
    Cerescon asks its UserGroup members for the following:
  • To provide the Cerescon R&D department with feedback on its user experiences, the aim of which is the ongoing improvement of the Sparter.
  • To collect application know-how of machine harvesting and to share this with fellow UserGroup members in order to get a better insight into how asparagus cultivation can be modified to improve and simplify selective harvesting even more.
  • To support Cerescon in research and testing, for example, by sharing application know-how or making available land for testing either during or after the growing season.

Cerescon offers this UserGroup direct influence on the functionality of the Sparter and first access to all information. Signing the Letter of Intent is precondition for participating in the UserGroup.

You will find a list of UserGroup members below and why they are taking part.

Dutch UserGroup

Teboza logo

“By taking full advantage of the UserGroup, Cerescon manages to combine its know-how of high-tech machinery with the hands-on expertise of asparagus cultivators.”
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Martens logo

“So the Sparter gives us the guarantee that we can harvest the product without losing any quality.”
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Van Cranenbroek logo

“We have every confidence in Ad Vermeer and Thérèse van Vinken. They coordinate a team of 20 or so staff who are working full-time on the product’s development.”
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De Wit logo

“If it’s possible to introduce the Sparter at De Wit in the not too distant future, this will give the company some valuable breathing space.”
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Vermeer logo

“For Vermeer Asperges, harvesting with the Sparter not only means reductions in cost price and better quality, but fewer headaches too.”
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Maas Kessel logo

“Automatic selective harvesting provides Maas Kessel with a fantastic opportunity to expand its services in the future to the picking of asparagus for growers.”
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German UserGroup

Winkelmann logo

“For Winkelmann, Cerescon represents an innovative, professionally managed high-tech company with the potential to really help the asparagus industry and to make a contribution to the future viability of its activities.”
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Thiermann logo

“With automation, we can make ourselves more independent of foreign seasonal workers.”
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Ahlbrand logo

“A selective harvesting robot is a high-tech machine and new concept in the marketplace. The company is a firm believer that the technology will work.”
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Hoffheinz logo

“With labour costs continuing to rise, Spargelhof Hoffheinz sees the future of asparagus harvesting in automatic selective harvesting. The Sparter is the most suitable machine for this.”
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LVA logo

“We see Cerescons selective asparagus harvesting robot as the most innovative harvesting concept on the market at the moment.”
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